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Junior Golf

San Jose Country Club is unique in its dedication to youth development and golf instruction, knowing well that the youth of today are the golfers and champions of tomorrow, San Jose Country Club's goal is to provide programs for various age and skill levels so that youth enjoy the game and are given a chance to excel in playing the game.


Acorn Junior Camp

The Acorn Junior Camp is held three different weeks (Tuesday-Friday) during the summer. It is designed to introduce the juniors to the very basic fundamentals of the game through three different stations- *Driving range *Putting green *Chipping/pitching green. The theme is "Fun" as we spend those two hours each day learning about golf and practicing, and the next two hours at the SJCC swimming pool for fun and lunch.   

For more information, questions, or to sign up: contact Mike Kim at

Junior Players Course

Getting your child ready and comfortable to get on the course is the ultimate goal and focus of this program. The juniors will play partner games to take away pressure and at the same time experience some comfortable levels of competition. Learn basic on-course etiquette, (i.e. where to stand when someone is hitting, how to mark your ball on the green, how to tend the pin, etc.). The juniors will learn the rules, understand how to keep score, and prepare for the next level.  The Junior Players Course is a three (3) hour session that runs one day or two consecutive days (6 total hours). 

(suggested ages 12 and up)
$150   one-day   
$250   two-days 
*available on request

The Players Course

For the more advanced junior, The Players Course is a one- or two-day comprehensive learning experience that covers every aspect of the game and will help you develop the skills needed to get to the next level. Learn how to improve your practice time to help benefit your golf game from PGA Tour winner and PGA Tour Champions Major winner Mark Wiebe. Find the key to lower scores at one of the best short game practice areas in Northern California.

$200   one-day
$350   two-days
*available on request

Bay Cities Junior Golf League

San Jose Country Club also participates in the Bay Cities League of Junior Golfers. Practice for league competition begins the first Thursday of May and matches begin the last Saturday of May and continue through the first week of August. This team competes locally against other junior golf teams.

For further information about any of the San Jose Country Club junior golf programs please call the Golf Shop at (408) 258-3636.